Parker's Tree Service, LLC: A ReputableTree Service Company in Tazewell, TN

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Superior Service Provided Since 1990 Over 68,000 Documented Tree Removals

Since 1990 Parker’s Tree Service has 68,000 documented tree removals in residential and commercial properties. Our licensed and fully insured staff has a reputation as skilled, professional and reliable. Our focus is to provide a service that is professional and satisfies the needs of our customers.

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One stump ground out for FREE With a minimum of $1000 of tree service performed.

We honor licensed and insured competitor’s written estimates.


Our Services

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    Tree Removal

    Whether you have a tree that has out grown an area, is dying or has fallen, we have the equipment and experience to remove it without upsetting its surroundings. No matter how large or small just pick up the phone and give us a call.

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    Stump Grinding

    Our machine is on rubber tracks to reduce damage to lawns and landscaping. This also gives us the added benefit of gaining access to those hard to reach places. We also offer package deals on multiple stump removals.

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    Storm Damage

    When storms hit and you experience any kind of tree damage we are a phone call away. Whether its removing trees off your house and tarping your roof or just cleaning up damaged tree limbs. And downed trees. We are here to get you cleaned up.

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    Tree Trimming

    It is a good practice to trim branches and limbs away from buildings and power lines to limit damage during heavy winds and storms. It also prevents squirrels and other animals from reaching the roof. As trees age limbs can grow on the lower trunk and create a low canopy, we can raise the canopy and give a clean healthy look to the trees and to your yard.


Recent Projects

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